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On 01, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In | By nautico

Beaû – One Wing

“The visuals that accompany this song really take it to the next level. With slow zooms, meticulously framed shots, and sets which look like the inside of the Tenenbaums’ household, the duo hangs in a melancholic stasis.”

– noisey

On 16, Sep 2014 | No Comments | In | By nautico

BRNS – My Head Is Into You

“The director of this video creates a beautiful universe imbued with malaise and nostalgia, the portrait of a character in latency, solitude and without illusion.”

les in rocks

On 30, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In | By mhardman

Lotus Plaza – Black Buzz

“Earlier this year, Lotus Plaza, better known as Deerhunter secret weapon Lockett Pundt, released his Spooky Action At A Distance album. And now here’s the video for the hazy, ‘Black Buzz,’ a gorgeously shot slow-motion character study about a girl who leaves behind a squalid, disgusting existence and wills herself toward a sort of transcendent tranquility.”

On 25, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In | By mhardman

CANT – She Found A Way Out

“The mixture of beautiful and ominous tones in the CANT song match this feature wonderfully. A lesbian couple wake up and peacefully prepare for a night out. But things go violently wrong once they arrive at the club.”

-consequence of sound